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Dude and Arnette are a fourth generation family business. Our team specialises in oast cowl repair, construction and maintenance. Wherever you live in the UK, if you have a building with an oast cowl (the distinctive chimneys on the top of oast houses) then it’s almost certain it will have been serviced by one of our family at some point in its life. From royalty to business and regular homeowners, we have been the go-to oast house repair company for over seven decades.

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Just a few of our top services

Traditionally built wooden oast cowls

As a family business, we place great stock in values such as trust and integrity. Constructing oast cowls takes great skill and precision, and our team are all highly trained craftsmen. We’re proud that we don’t use subcontractors – we would never risk compromising the quality of our work or our reputation.

Dude & Arnette Darren fixing the cowl
Oast cowl repair and maintenance

The longevity of your oast cowl is a passion of ours, we will help maintain and repair any damage to extend its life and avoid more expensive work in the future. Despite our keen sense of tradition(yes we have a thing or two to say about fibreglass Oast cowls), but we’re a very modern business and are committed to delivering quality work while minimising cost for our clients.

Image of a roof being constructed
Kiln roof & roof repairs

Need some roof work? Apart from being the UK’s leading restorer and repairer of traditional Kent hop kilns, we also build all kinds of pitched roofing, from flat fibreglass roofs to oak and timber frame builds. We use traditional methods including Kent peg tiles which have been used since the 13th century. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Some of our latest work

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