Constructing Oast Cowls Since 1937

Dude and Arnette are a fourth family generation family business. Our team specialises in maintenance, repair and construction of oast cowls – the distinctive chimneys on the top of Oast houses. Indeed, wherever you live in the UK, if you have a building with an Oast cowl, then it’s almost certain that it will have been serviced by one of our family at some point in its life.

Restoring hop kilns takes great skill and precision, and our team are all highly trained craftsmen. As a family business, we place great stock in values such as trust and integrity. We’re proud that we don’t use subcontractors – we would never risk compromising the quality of our work or our reputation.

Despite our keen sense of tradition, we’re a very modern business. And while new technologies don’t always deliver what they promise (see our FAQ page for our thoughts on fibreglass Oast cowls), we are nevertheless always looking for effective modern methods to increase quality and minimise cost for our clients.

We are the UK’s leading restorer and repairer of traditional Kent hop kilns. From royalty to businesses and regular homeowners, we have been the go-to Oast house repair company for over seven decades.

Some of our latest work

Recently we had the pleasure of working on an oast which is part of British television history – the Darling Buds of May oast!
Set in the beautiful Kent countryside between the villages of Pluckley and Bethersden, around 6 miles from Ashford.

This traditional Kentish oast cowl presented us with the perfect (Perfick) opportunity to flex our cowling skills with it’s non standard fitting and tight turnaround time it was a great job to work on and we loved every minute.

To read more on the oast and how we completed the build visit our blog or read about all of our past work on our testimonial page