Carpentry that can give your oast house a new lease of life

When it comes to oast houses, we might know a trick or two… Having been the UK’s oast house repair go-to family business since 1937 has definitely taught us many  The first thought that comes into most people’s minds when they think of an oast is the oast cowl, of course. And, of course, it’s the oast’s crowning glory and such a unique and delightful structure. But there is more to oast houses than their cowls.

We specialise in everything to do with oast houses, including offering a wide range of carpentry services. Is your beloved oast house looking a bit drab? Want to spruce it up in time for the summer? Here are five carpentry tasks that can give your oast house a new lease of life.


A New Roof

Okay, that’s a biggie but there’s no point in starting small. For decades we have repaired and rebuilt a wide range of roofs up and down the UK, including both round and square roundel roofs. We are also experts at pitching brand new roofs (like the one above). Worn and damaged roofs can pose a real danger and can begin to cause problems for your home so if you notice signs like cracks or water damage it may be time to invest in a new roof. 

Even if your roof itself is in good shape you can give your home a mini-makeover by replacing any worn or damaged soffits and fascias. 



Windows are kind of like the eyes of the house, and everyone loves a pair of pretty eyes. When windows become worn or damaged they affect the aesthetics of your home (not to mention letting in draughts and damp). Investing in some new windows will revitalise the appearance of your house.


A new loft hatch

It’s not just about what’s on the outside, we also offer interior carpentry too. Is your loft hatch too small to be practical (did you find getting yourself and that box of christmas decorations through it a bit of a squeeze?), not well fitted enough to stop draughts or just out of step with the rest of your decor? Then consider replacing it with a new one. 


Swinging doors

Nothing brightens up an interior or exterior like a new door. Swinging doors are a great addition to rooms like kitchens and offer a modern and practical twist on a standard door. 



Garden features

From traditional benches and new pieces to repurposing old structures to create beautiful new garden features, carpentry can give your garden a makeover as well. In the past, we have created new benches from disused oast cowls. If you have a disused wooden structure then consider giving it a new lease of life in the garden.

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