What are Kent peg tiles and why do we use them?

Oast houses are a part of Kent’s history and remain one of the most recognisable features of the county. Our desire to preserve Kentish heritage is at the heart of everything we do at Dude & Arnette. We have been using many of the same tried and (very well) tested building methods since we started way back in 1937! 

One example of how we use traditional materials and building methods can be seen in our use of Kent peg tiles.


What are Kent peg tiles?

You can see Kent peg tiles throughout Kent and Sussex. These tiles are used on a variety of buildings and are as quintessentially Kentish as the oast house. They have been used in Kent since the 13th century, but this tile style dates back even further to Roman times. 

Individual Kent peg tiles are handmade from clay and brick earth and are smaller than a standard peg tile. Their colour varies from shades of dark brown to orange. Each tile has two holes at the top, which are used to hang the tiles on roofs with the use of two wooden pegs. Traditionally, many Kent peg tiles had square holes as they would be created for use with square pegs but tiles are now hung with the more durable galvanised nails.

Kent peg tiles became the tile of choice in Kent from around the 1400s and production of these tiles went into full force across the county. The clay needed to make the tiles was dug locally and many country estates would create tiles for their buildings in their own brickworks. Now, hundreds of years later these Kent peg tiles have become a very recognisable feature of Kentish architecture and adorn many a rooftop throughout the county.



Where can I get new Kent peg tiles?

The simple answer is… you can’t anymore. Unfortunately, Kent peg tiles are no longer being produced. But don’t worry – there is a solution (we were not going to leave you hanging in there!). Kent still has (unsurprisingly) a lot of Kent peg tiles, which means there are lots of opportunities to source these from existing buildings.


A more sustainable option

Dude & Arnette began using reclaimed Kent peg tiles once these stopped being produced and they make a great option for your roof. We proudly use Tudor Kent Peg Tiles for roofs that need some. When it comes to tiles, second-hand is definitely not second best. These tiles are good quality and the materials used to make them are (very) long-lasting.


Tiles going onto cowl


Visually, reclaimed tiles are great at adding even more character to your home. This is especially true of older properties where the appearance of reclaimed tiles makes a better match than new ones. 

Reclaimed tiles are also the greener choice. By using what are essentially recycled tiles, you are keeping materials that could be reused out of landfill and stopping unnecessary manufacturing. A win-win situation!

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