Our Story

Restoring hop kilns takes great skill and precision, and our team are all highly-trained craftsmen. Dude and Arnette has, and always will be a family business, we place great stock in values such as trust and integrity.

Despite our keen sense of tradition, we’re a very modern business. And while new technologies don’t always deliver what they promise (see our FAQ page for our thoughts on fibreglass oast cowls), we are nevertheless always looking for effective modern methods to increase quality and minimise cost for our clients.

Hop Farm and beyond

Since we started in 1937, Dude and Arnette has restored hundreds of cowls around the UK, including the famous Hop Farm Family Park in Kent, the world’s largest collection of Victorian oast houses. Head over to our blog to learn more about what oast houses are and why they are so important for British heritage.

We have also worked with many of our homegrown breweries since the 1930s, restoring cowl roofs in the manner they would have been constructed for their original use – which was typically to dry out hops for making beer.

Today, the majority of our happy clientele are homeowners, and we know how much people love living in converted oast buildings. They remain a wonderful part of our British heritage – and we’re committed to making sure that they are here for generations to come.

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