Live on BBC One – Escape To The Country
Dude & Arnette 13th May 2022

Following on from our recent star turn on Channel 4’s Great British Home Restoration, we are now bringing you another TV appearance on the upcoming BBC One series, Escape To The Country.      A series that helps prospective buyers find their dream home in the country, Episode 49 sees presenter Steve Brown facing a... Read more

Carpentry that can give your oast house a new lease of life
Dude & Arnette 8th April 2022

When it comes to oast houses, we might know a trick or two… Having been the UK’s oast house repair go-to family business since 1937 has definitely taught us many  The first thought that comes into most people’s minds when they think of an oast is the oast cowl, of course. And, of course, it’s... Read more

Oast cowl storm damage? we’re here to help
Dude & Arnette 11th March 2022

Recent storms have caused havoc across some areas in the country due to strong winds, rain and sleet affecting many oast house owners’ properties. If your cowl has stopped turning, you’ve noticed tiles are missing or your oast roof has been damaged, it might be worth having our expert team check them for safety and... Read more

Oast and Hop Kilns: A History by Patrick Grattan
Dude & Arnette 25th February 2022

The Dude & Arnette team were pleased to be asked to share some of our oast house knowledge with Patrick Grattan for his book Oast and Hop Kilns A History. This wonderful book was released at the end of last year and is a must-read for anyone with an interest in oast houses – which... Read more

Five tips for getting your oast cowls ready for the year ahead
Dude & Arnette 28th January 2022

Get 2022 off to the best start by making sure that your oast house is ready for whatever the new year brings. Now that the festive season is done and dusted, it is time to get your oast house ready for the coming year. Good maintenance is essential to keep your oast house looking fabulous... Read more

Five festive things to do in Kent over Christmas
Dude & Arnette 21st December 2021

The tree is up, the shopping is done and the mulled wine is on the stove – And for many of us, it is finally time for a well-earned break! But whether you have the whole time off, you are working over the ‘in-between-mass’, or even on the big day itself, there are lots of... Read more

Five ways to winter-proof your oast house
Dude & Arnette 25th November 2021

Winter. It might come round once a year, and if you are not prepared it can end up costing you a fair bit.  This year has seen a dramatic rise in home working and many of us will be spending more time in our home this winter than ever. So making sure your oast house is... Read more

Five tips for decorating a round room
Dude & Arnette 12th November 2021

Fitting conventional furnishings into a circular room – like a converted oast house roundel – can feel a bit like trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. It seems like furniture makers rarely think outside the square box and almost everything is designed to fit against straight walls and 90-degree corners. But while... Read more

A brief history of Sussex’s oast houses
Dude & Arnette 21st September 2021

Hops have been grown in Sussex for around 500 years, meaning that oast houses have been a key feature of the Sussex landscape for half a millennia! Our nation’s love of beer all started at Sussex’s Winchelsea harbour around the 1400s as the first recorded imports of hopped beer began arriving on British soil. This... Read more

Great British Home Restoration Case Study
Dude & Arnette 20th August 2021

Hopefully, you caught our recent TV appearance on Channel 4’s new tv series: Great British Home Restoration with Charlie Luxton, but in case you didn’t, you can still see us in action on Channel 4’s catch-up service More4. And for those who share our love for history and heritage, we’ve put together a case study... Read more

6 Beers to try this International Beer Day
Dude & Arnette 29th July 2021

The first Friday of August is a special one in the world of beer – it is International Beer Day! This day is all about celebrating the wonder that is beer and enjoying brilliant brewing from all over the world. As it is international, it is of course obligatory to sample some exotic offerings. But... Read more

We’re live on Channel 4
Dude & Arnette

If you are fascinated by British heritage and love a good ‘before and after’ transformation you’re in for a treat. Last week Channel 4 launched a brand new series with Charlie Luxton called Great British Home Restoration, a tv programme following couples and families that transform historic buildings into their ultimate dream homes… and guess who’s... Read more