Six of Kent’s Best Beer Gardens
Dude & Arnette 25th March 2021

Fancy a pint? That’s a question you probably haven’t heard for some time, but come the 12th of April pubs across England will be opening up their beer gardens and offering their customers much-needed drink. And after the year we have just had, most of us could do with one! Unsurprisingly, the county famous for... Read more

Bespoke outdoor sitting project: A cowl seat
Dude & Arnette 25th September 2020

Did you know we also do bespoke features? That’s right. Every so often we get requests from clients to build something unique for them and it’s always great fun. This, not only allows us to put our tried-and-tested skills to good use but also to flex our creative muscles to bring ideas to life. First... Read more

Best warming winter beers from Kent
Dude & Arnette 17th November 2020

The clocks have gone back, the mercury has plummeted and those long summer evenings are nothing more than a memory – in other words, it’s beginning to look a lot like winter! This year, give the mulled wine a miss and say hello to the festive season with our county’s traditional tipple. As you would... Read more

History of Oast Cottage Laddingford
Dude & Arnette 7th August 2020

Here at Dude & Arnette we’re passionate about oast houses, from oast house maintenance to roof repairs, we’ve been in the business since 1937 and know a trick or two. But we don’t stop there. We’re also big advocates of preserving British heritage and sharing with you fragments of our country’s history through its oast... Read more

Make an oast house your home
Dude & Arnette 7th July 2020

In an age where homes are built using the same templates as their neighbours, and roads are filled with rows of identical houses, it can be difficult to truly stamp your own individuality on a property. As you look further afield, leaving the purpose-built communities, take a look at the could-be’s and what-ifs. The buildings... Read more

What you should know before converting your oast
Dude & Arnette 11th June 2020

Converting, restoring and repairing an historic oast house can be a rewarding and enjoyable process. From your initial consultation to seeing the stunning results at the end of the work, there are few projects more satisfying. This process should be carried alongside a team of experts, and here are a few tips on how to... Read more

Time to get your oast cowls ready
Dude & Arnette 22nd May 2020

After having Covid-19 throwing any routine or normality out of the window, we’re pleased to announce that following Government advice – Dude & Arnette are back in action. Normally we wouldn’t necessarily do a maintenance update but we felt it was necessary, as a lot of the oast cowl maintenance and repair work that would... Read more

Roof repairs in Kent and beyond
Dude & Arnette 16th April 2020

So, you probably know that we do a pretty good job at oast cowl construction, but did you know that we also specialise in building and repairing roofs? Our expert team focus on original building techniques that withstand the test of time – and our temperamental English weather! With over 75 years of practice, it’s... Read more

COVID-19 Update
Dude & Arnette 2nd April 2020

Following guidance issued by the Government on 20th March 2020, Dude & Arnette has temporarily paused all working activity for now. If you require emergency work, please call us on 01622 725 898 / 07973 332 790 so we can support you in the best possible way. Rest assured any work will be carried on with the utmost... Read more

Oast cowl types: The story behind the styles
Dude & Arnette 27th March 2020

Oast houses have played a huge roll in shaping the history of Kent and Sussex and they have become a symbol of the counties they inhabit. These much-loved buildings are a familiar sight throughout the countryside, their iconic bright white sails rising up across the landscape. But these beguiling buildings are more than just a... Read more

Oast Cowl Motifs: More Than Just Decorations
Dude & Arnette 13th March 2020

A cowl is an oast house’s crowning glory. But did you know that fitted to the kiln roof, cowls allowed the hot air to be drawn up through the hops and out through the roof? As they rotated in the wind, hot air was given the clearest escape path and the hops were kept safe... Read more

What is an oast house?
Dude & Arnette 17th January 2020

A question we get asked from time to time is, what actually is an oast house? For us, there couldn’t be a better symbol of Kent than an oast house. Their striking shape dots the countryside skyline, providing some Instagram worthy shots – but what exactly are they? In a nutshell, an oast house or... Read more