5 Helpful tips for oast cowl maintenance
Dude & Arnette 16th May 2019

Here at Dude & Arnette we know looking after oast cowls is a serious crafty business. And if you don’t do much to maintain them… well, a costly one. Our expert team uses traditional building and maintaining methods (perfected over 4 generations) to weatherproof and protect your roof and ensure your roof is tip top!... Read more

Filming an oast cowl construction with Channel 4
Dude & Arnette 28th March 2019

The guys from Channel 4 love a good oast cowl construction. Back in 2017 they featured us in their Village of the Year programme showcasing the history of oast cowls and Kent peg tiles. This time, they approached us to film the construction of an oast house a from start to finish. This is part... Read more

Oast cowl repairs by hand
Dude & Arnette 11th January 2019

We’ve always worked with our hands here at Dude & Arnette, some of us used to be mechanics, some started working on oasts early raising cowls up by hand using pulleys and poles. We like getting stuck in, but there are lots of other reason why investing in a true craftsman for your oast cowl repairs... Read more

Oast House Restoration
Dude & Arnette 21st December 2018

It’s that time of year when those of us lucky enough to live in a period property are warming our feet by a large open fire. But period properties are hard work. Fact. They require tender, loving care, and a fair measure of expertise. It takes bravery and commitment to take on an oast house restoration and... Read more

Kent’s Oast history
Dude & Arnette 30th November 2018

Designed for the drying of hops, an oast (or oast house) is an essential part of Kent history. Kent was famed for its hop-growing, and the demand for somewhere safe to dry (kiln) the hops for the thirsty brewers was high. How did an oast house work? Green hops were picked in the hop gardens... Read more

Toasting a busy summer
Dude & Arnette 25th October 2018

We’ve had a wonderful summer here at Dude & Arnette, from press interviews celebrating craftsmanship to maintaining our much-loved oast cowl project Hop Farm and constructing brand new kiln roofs and oasts in Sussex. We couldn’t have done any of it without our hard-working team. Kent Life Magazine Our very own Dude was also interviewed... Read more

Oast House Holidays
Dude & Arnette 30th July 2018

Yearning for a ye olde English holiday in the countryside? Somewhere to kick off your Birkenstocks and relax in front of the fire, with a couple of faithful pooches by your side? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we also happen to enjoy those things and have done the hard work in finding... Read more

All hail the Tally Man!
Dude & Arnette 2nd May 2018

Not a phrase you hear often these days, but get ready ladies and gents as we’re taking things old skool, bringing back one of the ancient traditions of working Oast Houses. The Tally stick is back.   If you’re not familiar with the term then let us enlighten you. In the early 1900s, a ‘Tally... Read more

6 Great Kent Pub Walks
Jason Danes 5th March 2018

There can’t be many more pastimes as British as whacking the wellies on and striding off with the family in tow in search of an invigorating walk, ending of course in a traditional country boozer. Here in Kent, we’re lucky enough to have plenty of public footpaths to explore and even more pubs to end... Read more

Featured on: Village of the year 2017
Dude & Arnette 22nd January 2018

The word village conjures up nostalgic images of cobbled streets, thatched cottages, local boozers and of course, Oast Houses. Being the UK’s leading experts in all things Oast, when Channel 4 launched their search for the Village of the Year 2017 they came to us to learn the history of oast cowls and Kent Peg... Read more

Our favourite Kent & Sussex Craft Beers – perfect for a festive pint.
Dude & Arnette 22nd December 2017

It’s not a secret that after a hard day’s work at Dude & Arnette HQ, we’re partial to a craft beer tipple, especially around the festive season. Pop a bit of Michael Bublé on the gramophone, and that’s our kind of party. Traditionally, Oast Houses were designed for kilning (drying) hops as part of the... Read more

Our top 3 National Trust attractions with Oast Houses
Dude & Arnette 23rd October 2017

All we want for Christmas is… a National Trust membership! Why? To visit our favourite historical oast houses of course… The National Trust is truly a British institution and are outstanding at maintaining the estates they manage for the enjoyment of visitors. We’ve put together our top three destinations to visit that include an oast... Read more