Oast House Holidays
Dude & Arnette 30th July 2018

Yearning for a ye olde English holiday in the countryside? Somewhere to kick off your Birkenstocks and relax in front of the fire, with a couple of faithful pooches by your side? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we also happen to enjoy those things and have done the hard work in finding... Read more

All hail the Tally Man!
Dude & Arnette 2nd May 2018

Not a phrase you hear often these days, but get ready ladies and gents as we’re taking things old skool, bringing back one of the ancient traditions of working Oast Houses. The Tally stick is back.   If you’re not familiar with the term then let us enlighten you. In the early 1900s, a ‘Tally... Read more

6 Great Kent Pub Walks
Jason Danes 5th March 2018

There can’t be many more pastimes as British as whacking the wellies on and striding off with the family in tow in search of an invigorating walk, ending of course in a traditional country boozer. Here in Kent, we’re lucky enough to have plenty of public footpaths to explore and even more pubs to end... Read more

Featured on: Village of the year 2017
Dude & Arnette 22nd January 2018

The word village conjures up nostalgic images of cobbled streets, thatched cottages, local boozers and of course, Oast Houses. Being the UK’s leading experts in all things Oast, when Channel 4 launched their search for the Village of the Year 2017 they came to us to learn the history of oast cowls and Kent Peg... Read more

Our favourite Kent & Sussex Craft Beers – perfect for a festive pint.
Dude & Arnette 22nd December 2017

It’s not a secret that after a hard day’s work at Dude & Arnette HQ, we’re partial to a craft beer tipple, especially around the festive season. Pop a bit of Michael Bublé on the gramophone, and that’s our kind of party. Traditionally, Oast Houses were designed for kilning (drying) hops as part of the... Read more

Our top 3 National Trust attractions with Oast Houses
Dude & Arnette 23rd October 2017

All we want for Christmas is… a National Trust membership! Why? To visit our favourite historical oast houses of course… The National Trust is truly a British institution and are outstanding at maintaining the estates they manage for the enjoyment of visitors. We’ve put together our top three destinations to visit that include an oast... Read more

The day that Doris battered the Hop Farm Oast Houses!
Dude & Arnette 11th May 2017

There’s a French saying, ‘force majeure’ (superior force) which strikes fear into any property owners heart. These unavoidable acts of nature, such as Storm Doris don’t come around often in the UK but when they hit they cause a whole lot of damage, as the team at the popular Hop Farm attraction in Kent found... Read more

Ever seen a team of Oast Cowl experts blush?
Dude & Arnette 28th April 2017

As a independent, family-run company we rely on good feedback from our previous customers, and word of mouth recommendations in particular give us a warm fuzzy feeling. So imagine our delight when we received an email trail from a prospective customer, Lisa who had been looking into getting her Oast Cowls restored. Enter Sophie, who... Read more

Delve into history and visit some of Kent’s famous Oast Houses
Dude & Arnette 19th September 2016

Driving through the Sussex and Kent countryside you’d be forgiven for wondering just what the funny looking conical roofs peeking from the old stone buildings were for! Even those who have grown up around them often will have a blank face when asked about Oast Houses, but to the keen historian, they play a big... Read more

Refurbishing fibreglass oast cowls – what’s the story?
Dude & Arnette 30th March 2016

As professional oast cowl refurbishers, the word fibreglass (or GRP) can often strike a note of fear into our hearts. Commonly sold to oast house owners with an assurance of a maintenance-free lifespan, there’s definately a few potential pitfalls to consider before making the choice over a traditional wooden oast cowl (in our case made... Read more

The Darling Buds of May
Dude & Arnette 14th January 2016

Do you remember the Darling buds of May TV series with David Jason and Catherine Zeta Jones? Well, we were offered the opportunity to work on the very same farm to put an oast cowl on an existing Kiln. We of course jumped at the chance to work on such an iconic property – with... Read more

Make an oast house your home
Gavin Willis 23rd December 2015

In an age where homes are built using the same templates as their neighbours, and roads are filled with rows of identical houses, it can be difficult to truly stamp your own individuality on a property. As you look further afield, leaving the purpose-built communities, take a look at the could-be’s and what-ifs. The buildings... Read more