Carpentry and joinery

As experts in all things oast related, our team are able to take on a wide range of carpentry and joinery jobs too. Every build is different, and our bespoke approach allows us to tackle a wide range of carpentry challenges. We are able to work with both soft and hard woods. From pine, monkey puzzle and cedar to oak, cherry, birch and ash – to name a few. Our team regularly take on a wide variety of ‘first-fix’ carpentry tasks, so whatever work you need, our team would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Our carpentry services

For years, we have travelled up and down the country repairing and rebuilding a wide range of kiln roofs including both square and round traditional wooden roofs. We are able to help with any stage of roof building or maintenance. This includes pitching brand new roofs, including oak or timber frame roofs, and installing or repairing wooden fascias and soffits. Our past roofing projects have included both national heritage buildings and new builds – and everything in between.

Carpentry work for oast houses

If you are after carpentry and joinery work for an oast house, we can ensure that your kiln roof is weatherproof and able to stand whatever mother nature throws at it. As you would probably expect, our team are experts in constructing, repairing, and cleaning all types of wooden oast cowls too. To keep wooden cowls in tip-top condition they should be refurbished every five or six years, potentially a little longer if we did the original installation. To do this properly we remove the cowl from the oast house. This allows us to get a proper look at the cowl and to dry it out fully – it also gives us the added benefit of being able to work all year long whatever the weather! For a more detailed description of what happens during an oast cowl refurbishment have a look at our previous post ‘How to repair oast cowls by hand‘ and learn more about our tried and tested skills.


Bespoke carpentry services

Have a unique, quirky carpentry idea in mind that you would like to turn into a reality? Our skilled Team can help make your oast house carpentry dreams come true like we did in this bespoke oast cowl seat or on this hop press.

Why choose us?

As a 4th generation family business, we place great stock in values such as trust and integrity. Constructing oast cowls takes great skill and precision, and our team are all highly-trained craftsmen. The longest-running oast cowl company in the UK, Dude and Arnette has been working with wood for over seven decades. Plus we make a damn good cuppa – which is, of course, an Englishman’s finest quality.


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