Oast construction

Heritage is at the heart of our family business, which is why we still use many of the same traditional oast construction methods that we did over 75 years ago. We restore and rebuild oast houses and oast cowls from scratch, and over the years we have worked on all types of oast houses across the country, including buildings listed with local heritage departments.

The depth of our experience means we know exactly what style of oast your property should have whether you are in Kent, Sussex, Hereford, Worcestershire or beyond.

Bespoke Wooden Oast Cowls

We also craft bespoke wooden oast cowls, including support arms, and personalised motifs and fingers, and offer a dedicated refurbishment package. We want your oast cowl to be as unique as you and your property.

Fibreglass Oast Cowls

If you’re unlucky enough to have acquired a property with a fibreglass oast cowl we can help, we do not recommend or install fibreglass cowls, however, we are happy to come and talk you through your options and why it’s worth investing in a more long-term option.

We’re proud of every oast house we’ve worked on, and if you would like to find out more about our service, read our Client Testimonials page.

Contact our specialist build team for a clear, honest and concise quote, and we will organise a visit to your oast house at a time that suits you.

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