Oast House Cowl Painting

Over time your oast house cowl can become weathered and faded. Our expert oast cowl painting team can restore it to its original condition, using beautiful white high-gloss paint that will stand the test of time.

Our family have been cleaning and painting oast house cowls for decades, and believe in restoring and repainting regularly to avoid decay and rot. Once the wood has been restored, we apply five coats of paint to ensure it’s weatherproof, returning your oast house to its former glory.

We are passionate about oast cowling, we know from experience that to refurbish an oast cowl you need to remove it from the roof and dry it properly.

Repairing in position is difficult and painting correctly is impossible. Because we remove the cowls we work all year round not like some other companies which only work in the summer months. We also make all of the different types of Oast cowl Hereford, Worchester, Ware not just Kent and Sussex.

Get in touch with our specialist oast house painting team to organise a visit at a time that suits you, and we’ll provide you with a clear, free, no obligation quote.

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