Oast Cowl styles

Originally fitted to the top of the kiln roof, oast cowls allowed hot air to be drawn through the hops and out through the roof of the oast house. Specially designed to keep the kiln waterproof, the cowl also turned in the wind to ensure the clearest path for the hot air.

If your oast cowl needs to be replaced it’s important to ensure that it is in keeping with the original cowl. Here’s our quick guide to oast house styles.

Kentish cowlsKent

Kentish cowls are the traditional cowls you find on most oast houses. Their cap gives the appearance of a flat roof to the cowl, which can also be found in Sussex cowls. Kent cowls are not bound by their location; we often see Sussex cowls in Kent, and vice versa.

View technical drawings for Kent Cowls


Sussex cowl


From a distance Sussex cowls can easily be mistaken for Kentish cowls, thanks to their flattened tops, however their elongated top plate and front wings differentiate them.

These front panels are often known as ‘blinkers’.

View technical drawings for Sussex Cowls



Hereford & Worcestershire cowlsHereford

Hereford & Worcestershire cowls have a very different appearance to both Sussex and Kentish cowls. They do not carry the cap, and instead have a pointed tip.

View technical drawings for Hereford & Worcestershire Cowls



If you aren’t sure which cowl your oast house has, we are happy to take a look during our free consultation, and advise you on the next steps to repairing or replacing your oast cowl. We can also discuss the addition of your own decoration to the cowl. Call us on 01622 725 898 or visit our Contact Us page for more information.