Roof Build and Repair

Did you know we also specialise in building and repairing roofs? As a family business, we’ve restored and built different types of roofs across the country for over 75 years. From national heritage buildings to brand new builds, we still use original techniques that withstand the test of time (and weather conditions!).
Our specialist team can strip and re-tile and build all types of roofs, including brick and wooden, round or square roofs, and we’ll make sure your roof is weatherproof. We can also replace ironwork and lead work and craft bespoke guttering. We use traditional methods including Kent peg tiles which have been used since the 13th century, but also machine-made nib tiles, natural slating and man-made artificial slate. Read our client testimonials to get an idea of how we work.
Oh! and we can also look after your kiln roof maintenance – read how we can help you.


Why choose us?

The longest-running oast cowl company in the UK, Dude and Arnette has been restoring and maintaining cowls for over seven decades. Still a family business today, our specialists retain the knowledge, skill and experience required to faithfully maintain and restore traditional oast cowls. And we make a damn good cuppa – which is, of course, an Englishman’s finest quality.