What we do

We’ve been refurbishing oast cowls since 1937, which has given us plenty of time to hone our skills in many areas of repair. From cleaning and painting to specialist wood repair, we’re a handy bunch to have on hand when jobs need to get done quickly and efficiently.

We specialise in:

Oast cowl construction

Our specialist team can construct bespoke wooden oast cowls that blend seamlessly into their environment and last for generations. We also offer a specialist refurbishment package for fibreglass oast cowls but do not recommend or install these from new.

Oast cowl painting

In our humble opinion, there’s nothing more pleasing than a freshly painted oast cowl against a bright blue sky. Call us romantic but if you wish to keep your oast cowls in top condition then we can be of service, ensuring each cowl is taken down carefully, sanded and dried out. They are then given five coats of paint to ensure maximum durability against the elements.

Man painting a cowl by hand

Repair of old Oast cowls

If your cowls have seen better days then we’re here to assist! Whether they’ve been weather-beaten, rotted or simply need a spruce, our super team will assess the situation and chat you through what we can do to restore them to ship shape condition.

Oast Cowl Cleaning

By investing in a regular cleaning routine, you can extend the life of your oast house and owls, ensuring any potential problems are identified before expensive work is needed and restore them to their former glory.

Bespoke features fitted

Fancy giving your oast cowl that extra pizzazz? Our experts can craft and fit new support arms, arms, motifs and fingers for GRP cowls – perfecting the look and structure of your cowl.

Roof build and repair

Need some roof work? Apart from being the UK’s leading restorer and repairer of traditional Kent hop kilns, we also build all kinds of pitched roofing, from flat fibreglass roofs to oak and timber frame builds. We use traditional methods including Kent peg tiles which have been used since the 13th century.

Kiln Roof Maintenance

Kiln roofs need regular maintenance to avoid collapse, our team use traditional methods (perfected over 4 generations) to weatherproof and protect your roof, including stripping and replacing missing tiles. If you have Kent peg tiles we are also able to maintain these.


Carpentry and joinery

Every build is different and our bespoke approach allows us to tackle a wide range of carpentry and joinery challenges. From soft to hard woods, our expert team can pitch brand new roofs, repair existing ones or install wooden fascias and soffits.

And the list goes on!

  • Replacing ironwork and lead work for kiln tops
  • Weather-proofing brick kiln roofs
  • Building traditional wooden kiln roofs, both round and square
  • GRP valleys
  • Painting and decorating

Why choose us?

The longest-running oast cowl company in the UK, Dude and Arnette has been restoring and maintaining cowls for over seven decades. Still a family business today, our specialists retain the knowledge, skill and experience required to faithfully maintain and restore traditional oast cowls. And we make a damn good cuppa – which is, of course, an Englishman’s finest quality.